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Week 7 Early Games Open Thread!


The Patriots don't play until 4:15 EST, but that doesn't mean that football isn't being played. Use this thread to talk about the early games!

Match-Ups to Watch:

Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons - A pretender in the Bengals against an enigma in the Falcons. Should be a statement game for both teams.

Washington Redskins vs Chicago Bears - Two of the better teams in the NFC. The Bears can't keep Jay Cutler on his feet, the Redskins can't get  Albert Haynesworth on the field.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Tennessee Titans - Both teams are down to their #2 quarterback, but their #2 quarterbacks have both started in past years.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs - Will the Chiefs prove that they're for real, or will the Jaguars rebound from an ugly effort against the Titans?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami Dolphins - Possibly the game of the early games. Can the Steelers rumble for a victory, or will the Dolphins put the Steelers in their place?

Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints - Should be a blowout for the Saints. Then again, the Saints should have destroyed the Cardinals.

St. Louis Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - An extremely underrated game. Both teams have overachieved, both are extremely young and both are trying to find their identity. Either a fantastic game, or an ugly one. I'm leaning towards "fantastic".

San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers - Hah. These teams are a combined 1-10. Oh dear.

Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens - I feel bad for the Bills. Or maybe the Bills can pull the upset of the season?