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New England Patriots Links 10/25/10 - Patriots Bolt San Diego With A Win

<em>Kyle Arrington and the Patriots defense relieve Chargers TE Kris Wilson of the ball yesterday</em>.
Kyle Arrington and the Patriots defense relieve Chargers TE Kris Wilson of the ball yesterday.

Ian Rapoport notes Rob Ninkovich's explanation on how he knew to pounce on that lateral.

"I think Bill (Belichick) is always preaching to us to play smart situational football, knowing what’s going on in the game," Ninkovich said. "To be honest, on that play, from where I was, I thought it was a forward pass, but I heard them (on the sideline), screaming it was a lateral. So I slid on it. And everyone was yelling, ‘get up and run."

"I would have loved to have taken it to the house, but I’m not a world class sprinter," Ninkovich, said with a laugh. "I wanted to make a move on him, but my running back days are awhile ago."

Steve Silva offers some post game reactions from Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and more.

Bill Belichick: Nice to come out here and win. Tough game, just like it always is with the Chargers. A real good football team. You got 'em down but you just can't relax against these guys. You've got too many talented players. Norv [Turner] does a good job. Give them a lot of credit for battling back. They had an opportunity to win there on the last play but I got to give our guys a lot of credit, they really hung in there, fought hard, made some plays when we had to and that's the kind of game it was. We've been in some close games with the Chargers, we're just fortunate to come out on top here today.

Vince Wilfork: That's the one thing this team does is they keep their poise. They play to the whistle. At times, when we don't do that, we have problems. For the most part, we always play, keep our poise and stay positive out there on the field if anything happens. Just looking at these guys on film, the situations that came up, we knew when they were down what they were going to do. We just had to do a better job on defense at defending those types of situations. Overall, we came out and played well. We played how we wanted to play. We were physical. We were aggressive. We caused turnovers, created turnovers, and kept our offense in good field position for the most part. This was another team win. We'll just chalk this one up and go back and prepare for Minnesota this week.





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