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New England Patriots Links 10/26/10 - Childress Starts Vikings Week With Whine

Bill Belichick on being informed that the NFL issued a statement praising Brandon Meriweather and was asked if he ever remembered the league doing that before.

"No, I think that would be a first for me. The officials are now evaluating the players and their performance. That's great. I can't tell you how much that means to me, really."

Ian Rapoport reports Jerod Mayo is taking pride in how many guys made stellar plays Sunday.

"Hey, let me tell you," Mayo said after the game that saw him make 11 tackles. "This whole defense is no-name and we love it. But Coach [Bill] Belichick does a good job of getting guys ready to go. No matter if you’re the third-string or first-string, you’ll be ready to play on Sunday."

Tom Brady responds to Brad Childress calling the Patriots "one of the all-time great signal-stealers."

"We’ve been called a lot worse than that. … That’s come and gone. That’s been not a part of football here for a long time, and we’ve still won a lot of games. In ‘07, they changed the rule and so forth. I don’t buy a whole lot into that. The team that’s going to win this weekend is the team that plays better. I promise you that."