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New England Patriots Links 10/27/10 - Belichick, Patriots Ignore Childress; Focus On '6-0' Vikings

Vince Wilfork wasn't interested in anything Brad Childress had to say yesterday.

"That's my first time hearing what Childress had to say," Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork said today. "That don't bother me. We're going to do what we have to do. We play football on Sundays regardless of how you slice it. Sunday, the New England Patriots will be ready to play. Whatever people have to say about us deal with us on Sunday. As far as all that, I don't really care what people have to say about the New England Patriots."

Bill Belichick has his focus on the Vikings matchup Sunday.

We were really just getting into Minnesota here last night and today. They're really a good football team, very talented. We see a lot of great players on the field in all situations - offense, defense, special teams. Kind of like last week with [Darren] Sproles, Percy Harvin - you know great return guys and a lot of weapons on offense, big offensive line, great running backs, and outstanding receivers.

Defensively, [they are] a very talented group up front, active linebackers, good in the secondary. There is a lot to get ready for. They run a lot of different formations and looks, personnel groups on offense and they are a very good, fundamental team on defense. So, I know they're disappointed in their record, but they're just a couple plays away from being 6-0. They've lost three games on the last possession and a five-point loss to New Orleans. They're really close to winning every single game they've been in, just like they did last year.



  • Monique Walker doesn't get much of a reaction from the Patriots regarding Brad Childress' comments. They'd rather focus on the game this week.
  • Tom E. Curran feels Childress' comments about signal stealing were made on purpose to agitate Belichick and the Patriots.
  • Greg A. Bedard reports on Brett Favre and his soap opera coming to town Sunday.
  • Mike Reiss offers us his opinion on Belichick and Childress.
  • Christopher Price wonders how will the Patriots go about defending Randy Moss.
  • Mark Farinella sums up the latest on Favre's ankle and more.
  • Christopher Price reports NFL analyst Brian Baldinger feels the Patriots are being re-made to try and beat the Jets.
  • Monique Walker reports Brady, Wilfork, Banta-Cain, Mayo, Guyton, Neal, Gronkowski, Morris and others went to work on their day off to help build a playground.
  • Ian Rapoport notes the positive comments on Randy Moss from Robert Kraft and Moss' former teammates who will be facing him on Sunday.
  • Mike Reiss notes Sergio Brown was lauded by Belichick as a 'great example' of a player being ready to step in when needed.
  • Mike Reiss takes a look at where the Patriots rank in key NFL statistical categories after seven weeks. First in points scored, 32nd in third-down defense.
  • Mike Reiss answers his weekly reader mailbag. Great insight here as usual, plus a question from our own JonnyNYC. Cool!
  • Shalise Manza Young answers her weekly reader mailbag.
  • Mike Reiss looks at the updated target percentage for each Patriots' pass catcher through six games, and sees two things stand out.
  • Mike Reiss notes Jerod Mayo played every defensive snap and saw his tackle total rise again. Here is the Patriots' tackle leaderboard.
  • Mike Reiss takes a look at the special teams tackle leaderboard, noting Kyle Arrington had three solo ST tackles Sunday.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Neither Belichick nor Kraft offered a reaction to Childress' comments about the Patriots being "all-time great signal stealers"; More than a dozen Patriots spent their day off constructing a playground at the Waltham Boys & Girls Club; Patriots players expect Favre to play on Sunday; Sergio Brown was awarded a 4-year contract including a $35K signing bonus and escalators - just like a draft pick.
  • Monique Walker Patriots Notebook: Randy Moss will be welcomed in Foxboro and Tom Brady says he'll wait until after the game to talk to him; Sergio Brown was signed to a 4-year deal yesterday; No word yet on Pat Chung's injury status; Wilfork and Mayo were at the Celtics game last night but Brady said he had work to do to prepare for the game Sunday.