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Captain of the Tailgate: The Best Food

Starting this week, and continuing for the next five weeks, we'll be running a series of posts here sponsored by Captain Morgans, called "Captain of the Tailgate." Each week, we'll bring up a different element of the tailgate experience, and ask you to share your best tailgating experience. At the end, we'll round up the best experiences from the Pats Pulpit community, and share them on one final post.

This week's topic: the best food.

For me, my greatest tailgating food experience comes from the Patriots final ever game at Foxboro Stadium: the Snowbowl in the 2001 Division Playoffs on January 19th, 2002 (confusing much?). While the game was the greatest experience I've ever been a part of, there's no denying what made it so special: the tailgate with the family. What made it better? The apple-cinnamon smoked chicken sausage. We tried it for the first time that night, and it has never been as good since. Nonetheless, the apple-cinnamon smoked chicken sausage is now a tradition for any "Knopping" tailgate.

When you tailgate, what are the "must-have" foods for you?