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Patriots Show Some Second Half Energy

Anyone else extremely happy with how Tom Brady went to the sideline with 15 seconds left in the game? If you missed the video clip, he went back and continued to fire up the sideline. With 15 seconds left. With the Patriots up 4 scores. He bumps chest with the defensive players, yells with Bill Belichick and has a fiery celebration with fellow captain and fellow new long-term contractee Vince Wilfork. It was a display of emotion that Patriots fans love to see.

After a season and a quarter of watching the Patriots come out empty after the half, watching the Patriots outscore the Dolphins 35-7 in the second half put a smile on my face. Pat Chung brought energy to the defense, got the defense's collective head in the game and squashed any chance of a Dolphins' comeback. This is a fantastic start for what everyone should hope continues the rest of the year.

I loved the energy. I hope it stays.