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What to Make of the Randy Moss Trade to Vikings Rumors

When I got home tonight and logged on my computer, I figured to read some more about the Patriots win over the Dolphins, possibly write another recap article, and start my 1st quarter team review. Before I got to that, however, I logged onto my facebook account. I logged on and saw that a friend had posted a link to my wall. When I first saw the ESPN link, that said, "New England Patriots Talking to Minnesota Vikings About Randy Moss Trade," I thought it was a complete joke.

Yeah, I know about Randy Moss' contract situation, but I never thought I would see the day when the Patriots would even consider dealing Moss. Moss may be 33 years old and in the last year of his contract, but there's no question he's still the best deep ball receiver in the league. Moss' numbers are down this year, but I think that's more of a result of the Patriots' new targets and the attention that Moss has opened up over the top. Without Moss on the team, the Patriots wouldn't be nearly as good of an offense. You know how I've been lauding the Patriots for their array of versatile targets? Take Moss away, and a guy like Aaron Hernandez isn't nearly as effective.

While you can't measure the value of a guy like Moss, apparently, this situation arose from a trade request that Moss made following week one (according to multiple reports, as first reported by the Boston Herald). That just makes the situation even stranger. Moss, despite his contract issue, has seemed happy. He's seemed like a good citizen. He kept saying how we wanted to remain in New England. I just don't get it.

Now back to the Patriots' point of view. What type of compensation would you accept for Moss? Is a first round pick enough? In my opinion, it's not. If the Vikings were thinking Sidney Rice and a first round pick, then we would be cooking. As I've said, there's just no value that can be placed on a guy like Moss. If the Patriots don't have a guy that can threaten over the top, then this great offense we've been seeing doesn't exist. Moss demands that much attention.

While I normally say, if a guy wants out, get him out, I'm not sure about this situation. Of course, the Patriots have won without Moss in the past. But there's no question that having a guy like Moss on the field makes everyone on the offense better. Consider me against a potential Randy Moss deal, unless the compensation was absolutely mind blowing and wouldn't leave the Patriots offense crippled in the mean-time.