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Patriots 2011 Draft Outlook

Quick Post: Here's an update with a list of the Patriots 2011 draft picks:

1st Round (Oakland) 1-3

1st Round (New England) 3-1

2nd Round (Carolina) 0-4

2nd Round (New England) 3-1

3rd Round (Minnesota) 1-2

3rd Round (New England) 3-1

4th Round (Denver) 2-2

4th Round (New England) 3-1

5th Round (New England) 3-1

6th Round (New Orleans) 3-1

The Patriots also owe the Chiefs a conditional draft pick for Jarrad Page. But looking at this draft, the Patriots have eight picks in the first four rounds, two in each round. The pick they added in each round is from a team that is struggling and should be an early round pick. I know that no one wants to hear that this team is still rebuilding, but it's usually a 3 year process and the Patriots started in 2009. I'm considering Jerod Mayo a bonus player from 2008 since he's the only real player from that draft.

The Patriots are in great position to have a very young and talented team, as opposed to old and talented, surrounding Tom Brady for the rest of his tenure as a Patriot. This team can still compete this season and will be a force of youth next season. From a draft perspective, the Patriots can now acquire any player they want in the draft. They can move up if they see a prospect that they have to have, or they can move down and still have multiple first and second round draft picks to use on top talent.

This Patriots team lost its core and identity after the 2008 season. Now, the Patriots are starting to put new pictures on the wall. This young team is forging its own identity- and it starts through the draft.