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Rumor: Patriots Looking to Bring Back Deion Branch

I'm definitely in favor of bringing Deion Branch back to New England.
I'm definitely in favor of bringing Deion Branch back to New England.

While the Patriots may not be looking to bring in a high profile receiver such as Vincent Jackson, they may be looking to bring back a familiar face. According to multiple reports, including the Boston Herald, the Patriots are in negotiations with the Seattle Seahawks to bring back wide receiver Deion Branch.

Bringing Branch back would make a lot of sense. Currently, the only receivers on the roster are Wes Welker, Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater (special teamer), and Taylor Price (yet to be active). While many people think that the Patriots need one of those bigger wide receivers, I'm not so sure. Branch could be exactly what the Patriots need. While he isn't the player he once was, he can still be effective at 31 years old.

According to the Globe, Tom Brady has reportedly been lobbying the Patriots management hard for a Branch trade.

The timing would make sense as well: the Patriots are currently in the bye week. This means that Deion Branch would have about a week and a half to get back to speed with the Patriots offense. And lets face it - Branch could probably develop a rapport with Tom Brady pretty quickly, considering Branch has played four years and won two Super Bowl titles with the Patriots.

This is one of those rumors that just will not die. Over the last two years, I think we've heard this rumor at least three or four times. Somehow, I feel that this time, we may actually see the Super Bowl XXXIX MVP return to New England.