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Bill Belichick, Randy Moss Display Mutual Respect And Gratitude

Mike Reiss transcribes Bill Belichick's Press Conference on Randy Moss.  Here is his opening statement:

"I thought I would try to shed a little light on the trade with Randy. I’m sure I’m not going to be able to answer all the questions that you have. I’d just say that Randy was really a pleasure to coach. I enjoyed having him on our team. He made a lot of contributions to this football team. When I spoke with Randy yesterday morning, the conversations were consistent with what they’ve been for the last four years – honest, open, very forthright. We talked about a lot of things that I’ll keep between Randy and myself. In the end, it was a difficult decision, but one that I feel is in the best interest of the football team.

"Our team, organizationally, we’ve had conversations and obviously are comfortable with the trade. We wish Randy the absolute best. He’s been a player I’ve had a good relationship with. He’s very honest, when I’ve asked him questions about football and personnel and things like that. He’s been very helpful to me personally. He’s been very professional and I think a good teammate and a good contributing member of this team.

"But in the end, that was the decision. I have confidence in our players, that if they continue to work hard and improve that we’ll be competitive and be able to win games. That’s what we’re here to do – win games. We’ve won more games than any other team in the last decade. Hopefully we’ll continue to win them going forward. That’s what we’re here for."

Mike Reiss offers some highlights from Randy Moss' first Press Conference as a Viking.

“What me and coach Belichick talked about, I don’t really want to make public. The respect that I have for him as a coach and as a man speaks high volumes, because Bill is the one that brought me to New England from Oakland. I commended him and thanked him for that because me being in New England, that was something special. I have never been a part of a team. That’s all I ever wanted to do was be a part of a team. They’re a team.

“Now that I’m gone I’m not going to say anything negative and I’m not going to bash the organization because they gave me the opportunity to play when nobody else thought I could play at a high level. Whatever me and coach talked about, I want to keep that between the two of us. I wish him the best.

“We go [to New England] in a few weeks. One thing [Belichick] did share with me was he wished me the best except for that game right there. I look forward to facing those guys on the 31st of October.

“I still got love for [the Patriots], I really do man. It’s something that I’ll never forget. We did some magical things up there but the show must go on. It is a business and I think that’s what a lot of people have to understand, the business side of football.

Christopher Price offers some quick reactions from a handful of players on the Randy Moss trade.

Vince Wilfork on his reaction:
"It’s a business. That’s how you have to look at it. I was very fortunate to play with a guy like Randy, and had a chance to know him as a person and an athlete. Great person, great athlete. Probably one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. The game, his personality, how he approaches the game. It’s business. … It happens all the time. But we are going to keep rolling. I’m pretty sure Randy’s going to keep doing what he has to do in Minnesota. One thing for sure is that we’re friends forever. I’ll talk to him. He’ll talk to me. Just because we’re on the other side doesn’t mean anything. I do want to beat him, but from a personal standpoint right now, good guy. Good guy. [But] that’s business."