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New England Patriots Links 10/08/10 - Back To Business

Jerod Mayo reveals LB Rob Ninkovich's new nickname on WEEI this morning:

The Croatian Sensation

Tom Brady offers his reaction to the Randy Moss trade.  The full interview will be aired tonight.

"Randy really knows how I feel about him," said Brady. "I love him, as a guy, as a person, as a player. He did a lot of great things for this team. At the same time I think coach Belichick feels that’s what he thinks he needs to do for the team.

"We as players, we deal with it and we move on. I think I’ve been around long enough to realize nothing really surprises me and the best thing that I can do is be the best quarterback that I can be for the team."

Mike Reiss identifies three factors in how the team will reshape its identity and attack without Randy Moss.

1. Emotion. Moss was a player who often got the team fired up with pre-game, in-game and post-game pep talks. That emotional void will have to be addressed.

2. Three-receiver set. Without a vertical presence like Moss, this could be a return to the quick-rhythm West Coast-style of offense of old when the team is spreading the field with three or more receivers.

3. Tight ends a key. The Patriots' base offense from 2007-2009 has been the pure three-receiver set, but that has changed. Only 36 percent of this year's snaps have come with three "pure" receivers on the field, with the team instead leaning toward multiple tight end sets. Look for that to continue, and perhaps increase, without Moss.