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New England Patriots Links 11/01/10 - Patriots Execute Viking Funeral

Bill Belichick offers his post-game thoughts following the Patriots 28-18 win over the Vikings.

I really feel good about that win. I'm really proud of our football team. Those guys did a great job. Offensively, we had some big drives there after their first [drive]. Minnesota went up 7-0. Then we answered that with a long drive. Then at the end of the game when they came back to make it 21-18, we went the length of the field again to get points on the board and use up a lot of clock. We made a few plays on defense when we had to. It was just one of those games where Minnesota is a good football team. They certainly gave us a lot of problems, but fortunately we were able to hang in there and come out at half time in decent shape and then make a few plays there in the second half to win.  It's a great job by our players. They really had a great week of preparation. They worked hard this week and the things that we wanted to do, for the most part in the second half we did. I felt like that was a big factor in us winning the game: players being able to execute the plays we needed at the right time.

Vince Wilfork talks about the defense coming up big on crucial third down plays down the stretch.

"As the game progressed, we settled in. In the early part of the game, I think we really weren't, I don't want to say we weren't tuned in, I think we were just so antsy, and we had to settle down. We know it's a couple of plays that it's going to come through and do. We just have to fight through it. Once we came to the sideline, made some adjustments, as a defense as we settled down, I think we started playing better as a defense. But the first couple of plays hurt us. The first couple of passes hurt us. But at the end of the day, once we settled down, we started playing the defense we know how to play."

Tom Brady describes what happened on his touchdown pass to Brandon Tate.

I was looking for Wes [Welker] and then I came back to Brandon. Brandon had just wheeled and went up the sideline and made a great play to uncover. I just caught a glimpse of him as I turned out of it and threw it up there. He was wide open and he made a great catch and a great run. He's so dangerous in the open field. He's tough to tackle. It was great to see the back of his jersey running. That was pretty sweet.





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