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New England Patriots Links 11/10/10 - Steeling Up For The Steelers

<em>Tom Brady needs to get his offense pointed in the right direction, and fast</em>.
Tom Brady needs to get his offense pointed in the right direction, and fast.

Bill Belichick talks to the media while preparing for the Steelers this Sunday.

Well, we've started to get into the Steelers and they look about like they always do: [they're] real good on defense; [they're] top of the league in takeaways [and] run defense; [they] don't allow many points; [they're a] tough, physical team. As usual, on offense, they have a real good running game. [Ben] Roethlisberger has done a real good job working back into it, throwing the ball deep, spreading it around, getting it to all the receivers and balancing it up with the running game. So they are very impressive all the way around. They can do pretty much everything they need to do: run it, throw it, stop the run, take it away, rush the passer [and they're] good in the kicking game. So, they're just a real solid football team. We know [Pittsburgh] is a real tough place to play, so we've got a lot of work to do this week. [There's] a big challenge ahead of us and [we're] looking forward to going up there and competing with them. [We] know that they're one of the best teams in the league and certainly a team that will be a big challenge for us to play Sunday night.

Nick Caserio answers how he feels the young players will be able to respond to the Steelers aggressive, "in your face" style.

I think every week is a challenge. We're going to face good teams every week regardless of who we play. Whoever the opponent is that week they're going to be a good team. They're going to be competitive. It's going to be a competitive game, no question about it. Pittsburgh historically, they've been a tough, physical team and that's their history. That goes back to the '70s and '80s. The Pittsburgh Steelers are who they are. They've been a successful team, they've had a successful program, they're good on offense, and they're good on defense. It's a challenge for us this week and our players are going to have to respond to the challenge this week just like they do any other week.