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New England Patriots Links 11/12/10 - Mayo: 'Best Medicine For Team Is A Big Win Against Pittsburgh'

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Chris Gasper breaks down his three keys to a Patriots victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

1. Patriots must win the turnover battle

2. Don't give up the big play to the Pittsburgh offense

3. Tom Brady and the Patriots offense need to spread the ball around

Robert Lee offers his three keys to a Pats victory over the Steelers Sunday.

Be physical. The Steelers are team that prides themselves on being the most physical team in the NFL. The Patriots know that they have to match that physicality. It starts with the offensive and defensive linemen.

The Steelers have been successful by setting the tone in the trenches. Nobody has really been able to run on them this year. The Steelers have the best run-defense in the league, limiting teams to a mere 2.6 yards per rush and 58.2 rushing yards per game.

Contain Roethlisberger. At 6-foot-5 and 241-pounds, Roethlisberger is a big quarterback who is tough to bring down. He has the ability to keep plays alive by breaking tackles and getting outside the pocket, which means that New England’s defensive backs will have to stay in coverage longer if that happens. If the Patriots can prevent him from getting outside the pocket and extending the play, it will make the job of their secondary that much easier. New England’s secondary has struggled stopping opposing teams’ quarterbacks this year. The Patriots are ranked 29th in passing defense (268.9 passing yards per game).

Contain Mendenhall. The Steelers have the 12th-ranked rushing offense in the league, thanks to their big and physical offensive line and Mendenhall, who is ranked seventh in the league in rushing yards with 702 and 7 touchdowns on 168 carries.