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New England Patriots Links 11/16/10 - Belichick Gushes, "That Was A Real Solid Effort"

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Bill Belichick addresses the media Monday.

It's a short night, so suffice it to say, we are running a little bit on fumes here this afternoon, but good fumes. It was a real solid effort by our players last night. I'm really proud of the way they played. The Steelers are a good football team. It's tough to go into Pittsburgh and win there. But it was a solid effort by our team all the way around. We got good work from all three phases – good complementary football. We were able to take advantage of field position that we had, that we created defensively with the offense and vice versa. In the end, it was just a few more plays last night. It was a good feeling, but it's really time to move the page, turn the page and move onto the Colts. It should be another big challenge this week. We certainly know what their about and the success they have. So it's going to be on to Indy. It already is onto Indy. It'd be nice to sit around and celebrate this one for a while, but there's just no time for that.

Vince Wilfork made some interesting comments yesterday on the physical play of the defense against the Steelers and credited the game plan.

"I totally 110 percent agree [that this was our most physical performance of the season], because the calls we had in allowed us to be aggressive," Wilfork said. "From the coaches to the players, we never second-guessed out there when we made a call. When a call got sent in, it was just, everybody was so tuned in and knew exactly what they needed to do and it allowed us to play aggressive and hard."

"When we got this game plan, it was like, 'Man, I love it. I love it,'" Wilfork said. "Like I said, it allowed us to play physical and play aggressive. And that's how we played."