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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Patriots vs. Colts and Early Games

Editor's Note: This will be the first in a series of Sunday-morning pre-game posts sponsored by Absolut that will cover a variety of topics, and today, will serve as an Early Games discussion thread.

Well, it's Sunday morning, about five hours before kickoff of the annual Colts and Patriots bowl.  While there are plenty of storylines at play, it always exciting to just revel in the livelihood of this rivalry.  While the game has a 4:15 kickoff, CBS has made this game the exclusive late-game for this Sunday, meaning the Patriots will fully be under the national spotlight in this one.

While the Patriots are riding high (at least from the national media's view at this point), the Colts are obviously no push over.  While their 6-3 start isn't as impressive as their start last year, Peyton Manning is still on top of his game and despite all of the injuries to his offensive weapons, don't expect that to slow him down.

An advantage for the Patriots of course, is getting home field advantage back.  The Colts has owned the home-field for the last three years, and even longer, going back to when they had the home field advantage back in the 2006 playoffs.  So while the Colts have had the Patriots number as of late, I'm sure this Patriots group is excited to take back the momentum in the series.  Either way, this should be a good game.

Again, feel free to use this thread to talk about the Patriots and Colts, as well as any early games this Sunday.