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Week 11: Patriots vs Colts Game Thread #3


2nd Quarter Notes

Patriots leading 21-14

Patriots defense couldn't hold at the end

Kyle Arrington was getting burned by Reggie Wayne, with Brandon Meriweather staying closer to the middle of the field.

Pat Chung was annihilated by Austin Collie, but Collie is now out with his concussion.

Patriots run defense is still stellar.

Patriots pass rush is still applying great pressure, but are still a step too late.

Patriots offense was operating on all cylinders, Brady was accurate as everything and every receiver was still catching everything.

Patriots O-Line is still preventing any type of pressure on Tom Brady.

Patriots Tight Ends starting to be utilized.

Arrington missed two tackles that could have led to big yards.


Things to think about and adjust:

I don't know why the Patriots decided to go into their sub defense for the Colts' last drive. IT DOES NOT WORK. EVER. STOP IT.

Kyle Arrington needs someone in closer support with Reggie Wayne. Brandon Meriweather needs to shift a little closer to Arrington to prevent Manning from picking on him the rest of the evening.

The Patriots need to start wrapping players up again. Manning broke out of an arm tackle, Wayne broke out of an arm tackle. Not acceptable.