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Week 11: Patriots vs Colts Post Game Thread #5

The New England Patriots manage to hold on to a win against the Indianapolis Colts in the Razor, for a final score of 31-28. Go Patriots!

4th Quarter Notes

Patriots could not generate any offense in the 4th quarter. It seemed they had resigned themselves to milking the clock by running the ball.

They switched Darius Butler in for Kyle Arrington on coverage of Reggie Wayne and held him to 3 reception on 4 passes for 30 yards, while playing prevent defense. Wayne was running slants so he was often passed in coverage to other players (like Jerod Mayo and Brandon Meriweather), but Butler played very solid football, even forcing Wayne to lose control of the ball after hitting the ground.

Still little final pressure from the Patriots against Peyton Manning, but Jermaine Cunningham was able to reach Manning at the end to nick his arm.

Patriots played sub defense for most of the 4th quarter and Manning chewed them up and spit them out. Mike Wright was not producing any pressure at defensive tackle since he was immediately engaged by an Indy lineman. The Colts were able to run circles around this sub defense as well.

The Patriots struggled to get a first down at the end of the game and had to punt the ball away. It was hard to watch.

Pat Chung should not be used on down the field coverage, but he is incredible in the box and watching coverage underneath. James Sanders struggles in the box, but is great with underneath and down the field coverage. Hello 2, meet 2.

Julian Edelman is struggling, but that pass was way to hard and away from his body to make that catch. Still, he's not making any cases for extra play time.

Brady was money all day and they decided to stop passing the ball in the 4th, which led to the two stalled drives. Come on, coaches. This team's pass sets up the run. When the Colts know they're running the ball, nothing will generate.

Patriots played Kyle Arrington at RDE and the Colts responded by running to his side and picking up huge yardage. It's nice as a surprise set to confuse Peyton Manning, I don't know why they continued to use it.

Tully Banta-Cain has been playing himself out of the game. After a solid reemergence against the Steelers, he's back in the dog house for giving the Colts a free 15 yards late in the game.