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New England Patriots Links 11/22/10 - Patriots Re-Write History With Clutch Win

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Bill Belichick addresses the media after the Patriots' 31-28 victory over the Colts.

It's a great feeling to win that game today. It was a great job by the players. James [Sanders] really...that was a tremendous interception there he had at the end. As it always does with the Colts, it came right down to the wire. They're an outstanding football team. They really do a good job. You've got to give them a lot of credit, but our guys made a few more plays than they did today. We're really happy to get the win. We've got a quick turnaround here [to play Detroit Thursday], so we can't stay on this very long, but we'll enjoy it here for a couple hours.

Tom Brady offers his thoughts immediately following the win.

It was great. It would have been a lot sweeter if we had done something there in the fourth quarter to help our defense. When we play these guys, we know it's going to come down to the end, as always. We started fast. I wish we would have executed a little better there in the second half. But any time you play these guys, you've got to play to the end and that's what it came down to.

James Sanders reveals what he was thinking as the Colts closed the gap.

"For a minute I was thinking, 'Deja Vu'. As a defense, we knew that if we didn't make a play, we were going to lose the game. [Peyton Manning] wasn't just going to give it to us, so we had to go out there and take the win. We made a play at the end and we came out on top."

"[The interception] was huge. It was a total team effort though. Gary [Guyton] had a jam on the tight end that gave me a chance to sit back and read Peyton [Manning]. I had an opportunity to make a play and made it."