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Week 12 Game Thread #2: Patriots at Lions

Gamethread for the 2nd half along with some first half notes:

  • Defensively, this game started out well before taking a turn for the worse.  The defense got the pressure going the first couple of drives, shot down the run, and got the ball for the offense.
  • On offense, the Patriots moved the ball into the redzone following a nice punt return by Julian Edelman.  With a fourth and one within the five, the Patriots opted for the field goal.  Personally, I would have liked to have seen the Patriots make a statement and go for it.
  • Things fell apart defensively from then.  Even when they got pressure on Shaun Hill, he was able to escape from the pocket and make plays on the ground.  
  • The Patriots allowed back-to-back touchdown drives before finally getting things going offensively.  Down 14-3, Tom Brady led the Patriots down the field thanks in part to a 3rd down pass interference drawn by Danny Woodhead (after a dropped deep pass from Brandon Tate) and a gutsy third and one play action pass to Aaron Hernandez for a big gain.  The star of the drive was BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who couldn't be slowed, eventually scoring on a bruising 15 yard rush.
  • With less than a minute to go in the half, the Patriots' defense couldn't stop the Lions, who marched right down the field to pick up 3 points and go up 17-10 to end the first half.