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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Week 12

Some highlights from a few match-ups the Patriots should have their eyes on today:

Dolphins (5-5) at Raiders (5-5)

This is an interesting game from a Patriots perspective. The Patriots hold the Raiders' first round draft pick next year, so obviously want them to lose so that pick improves. However, Miami is a division foe and aren't necessarily out of things, despite the three and a half game lead the Patriots have on them in the division. Ultimately, you have to root for Miami, as there is still top-10 potential with that Oakland pick if they go on a slump. Root For: Miami

Panthers (1-9) at Browns (3-7)

The Browns won two straight games against the Saints and Patriots, only to drop the last two in close fashion. Now, they're desperate to get a win against the lowly Panthers, who have been imploding of late with John Fox as a lame-duck coach. And, oh yeah, the Patriots hold the Panthers' second round pick, which is right now slated at 33rd. Root for: Browns

Two more match-ups to watch after the jump!

Packers (7-3) at Falcons (8-2)

The Patriots don't have much invested in this game, although they do play the Packers on Sunday Night Football in a few weeks. Still, this is a match-up of two elite NFC teams that will have playoff-seeding implications in that conference, so it is certainly a game to watch. Root For: Falcons

Chargers (5-5) at Indianapolis (6-4)

This is a very interesting game as both of these teams can be very dangerous by season's end. The Patriots squeaked out three-point victories over both of these teams already this season. Unfortunately for these teams, neither have records that reflect their talent level. This means that the losing team's road to the playoffs will become that much more difficult. Root For: Neither?