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Oh, Man, Josh McDaniels. Broken Trust With Belichick?

Naughty, naughty Josh McDaniels! (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Naughty, naughty Josh McDaniels! (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's no secret that former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and his Denver Broncos were under investigation about an illegal filming session by former Patriots personnel Steve Scarneccia, son of offensive line coach Dante Scarneccia. McDaniels did not watch the video, but this mishap will forever be a black mark on his record. Yes, the Broncos reported the incident themselves and some rival team did not reveal the process. Unfairly or not, this incident will still be a mark on his record.

It turns out on Friday, McDaniels held a meeting for his staff where he explained the difference between the New England Spygate incident and the Broncos Spygate incident. Sounds like a legitimate conversation to be had with his staff who will all be concerned about what will happen with the team. However, McDaniels crossed a line by revealing information that was relevant to the Patriots that should not have been shared to those not in the investigation. He deliberately told staff members information that could put other people's jobs in jeopardy. This is where the cord is cut between Belichick and McDaniels.

Belichick doesn't like Browns' coach, and former Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini. Mangini broke the trust he had with Belichick when he went and took the Jets job- and then he revealed the Spygate information. Now McDaniels is revealing private information. Belichick cannot be too happy about that. It will remain to be seen how Belichick will address this information, if he does, because his true feelings won't be revealed until that press conference. I believe Belichick will be supportive of the Broncos franchise, but he'll have to question McDaniels' decision to talk with his staff about personal information.

In the mean time, let's do some semi-unrelated speculation of Josh McDaniel's future after the jump!

Everyone is familiar with the failed coaching experience known as defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.

Crennel left the Patriots after the Super Bowl years to try and be a head coach for the Cleveland Browns, where he posted a 24-40 record over 4 seasons. After sitting out 2009, Crennel was hired by Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs to be the defensive coordinator.

Weis also left the Patriots after the Super Bowl years to take the head coaching role for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, where he posted a 35-27 record over 5 seasons. He was 1-2 in bowl games. His teams were known for their high flying offense, but an under-performing and weak defense. Weis was fired by the Fighting Irish and was hired this season, also by Pioli and the Chiefs, to be the offensive coordinator.

This is a story of two coordinators who were linked together with the Patriots, tested the waters as head coaches, failed and were rejoined in a different organization.

Let's move forward to now. Eric Mangini is trying his best to follow Crennel; after being defensive coordinator for the Patriots, Mangini cut all bridges with the Patriots after the 2005 season and took the head coaching role with the New York Jets, posting a 23-25 record in three seasons. He was fired from the Jets job after collapsing down the stretch and took a head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns, going 8-18 through one and a half seasons. A future as a head coach is definitely not certain for Mangini.

McDaniels has posted an 11-15 record as head coach of the Denver Broncos, but has gone 5-15 over his past 20 games after starting his coaching career 6-0. He has torn apart the franchise in order to rebuild, but has made many extremely curious personnel decisions, selecting average running back Knowshon Moreno and bust Robert Ayers in the first round of 2009, as well as trading a 2010 first round pick for the right to draft Alphonso Smith- who the promptly traded away after one season (and yes, that's who the Patriots torched on Thanksgiving). That was just the 2009 draft.

In 2010, he drafted Demaryius Thomas while Dez Bryant was still on the board (Point of reference: Thomas is putting up receiving numbers equal to the Patriots Brandon Tate. Not really worth a first, especially with how Bryant's been performing). McDaniels also drafted "quarterback" Tim Tebow in the first round, who has only been used as a goal line wild cat player. Add in the fact that they traded away Peyton Hillis (the guy who tore apart the Patriots) for Brady Quinn, and also traded away wide receiver Brandon Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler.

While Broncos owner Pat Bowlen likes to give his coaches time, it wouldn't be a surprise if McDaniels was let go soon if not signs of progress are made.

So what would happen if both McDaniels and Mangini are on the market? Star crossed lovers, right? Former Patriots offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator on the market at the same time. Maybe they'll sign together in Dallas where the Cowboys are most likely going to be remodeling. They could go to the Vikings together and thrive in the NFC. Only thing that is fact is that both coaches are not doing well. Maybe they'll be able to succeed again if they take back their coordinator jobs.

It has helped former coaches who have similar story lines.