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New England Patriots Links 11/03/10 - Patriots "Starting To Dig Into The Browns"

<em>Hey Tom, how do you feel about having Logan Mankins back?</em>
Hey Tom, how do you feel about having Logan Mankins back?

Bill Belichick talks with the media about the challenges presented by the Cleveland Browns.

Well, we are starting to dig into the Browns here and they have played a lot of good football teams and they've really taken them all right down to the wire, of course other than New Orleans – they handled them. It was a very convincing win over New Orleans, which is kind of scary in itself, of course, down in New Orleans. [They are] a real physical team, tough, hard-nosed, running football team. [They are] tough on defense, good in the kicking game, have some young players that have stepped up. [Josh] Cribbs is a major threat, of course. They don't give up a lot of points. [Peyton] Hillis has done a real good job for them, running the ball, breaking tackles, keeping them in short-yardage situations with his first and second-down carries and then converting on third down.

They are going to play very competitively. They are a good, tough football team. It is going to be a challenge for us to go up there and deal with this type of team, playing at home, coming off a big win they had against the Saints. I'm sure they will be ready to go with the extra week of preparation and the momentum they had from that big win last weekend.

Nick Caserio talks a little bit about the return of Logan Mankins to the team and how it might affect players like Dan Connolly who have picked up the slack in his absence.

Logan's been a good player for us. He's been solid. He's been reliable. I think he has a lot of the traits and characteristics that we look for in players. It's good to have him around here in the building.

Anytime that you have players in the building, they've spent a lot of time together, they've worked together. Logan's been a good player for us, so that's something that players deal with and coaches will deal with. So we'll do whatever we feel is best for the club. All the players understand that; all the coaches understand that. And that's our modus operandi, so to speak. And that's what we'll do.

We've had a lot of good players. We've had a lot of players that have played well for us to this point, but the more good players you have in your program, the more good players you can get on the field, I think that's certainly a positive for the team. And hopefully we can continue moving forward.