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How They Match-Up: Patriots vs Jets

How good is this team? (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
How good is this team? (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This is purely statistical and has nothing to do with quality of the yards. A yard gained in the fourth quarter is valued just as much as a yard gained in the first. I'll go over the Football Outside stats after the jump.

Stat Jets Patriots
Points/Game 24.0 30.4
Yards/Game 361.6 349.2
3rd Down Offense 39.6 45.2
3rd Down Defense 35.9 50.7
Offensive Rushing Yards/Game 148.1 112.5
Offensive Passing Yards/Game 213.5 236.7
Defensive Rushing Yards/Game 86.3 110.6
Defensive Passing Yards/Game 210.6 288.5
Turnover Differential +7 +11


Just looking at these numbers, it seems that the Patriots and Jets are matched pretty evenly. The Jets have a better defense, but the Patriots defense has been more opportunistic. The Patriots offense functions the same way- it makes the most out of what it's given and scores, while the Jets collect more yards. This game will be a clear battle. The Patriots are more proficient on offense, the Jets are stronger on defense. Should be a great match-up.

Let's look at the Football Outsiders DVOA comparisons after the jump!

DVOA is a way of measuring a player's added value over the league average, per play. A player with a value of 0 is regarded as an average player. Any additional points shows value, any negative points show a loss of value. I'll show the league rank for the player because DVOA numbers won't mean much alone. A high ranked player adds a lot of value per play.

Jets Patriots
Quarterback Mark Sanchez - #25 Tom Brady - #1, by a LOT.
Running Backs

LaDainian Tomlinson - #6

Shonn Greene - #19

BenJarvus Green-Ellis - #3

Danny Woodhead - Does not qualify, would be #1, by a LOT.

Wide Receivers

Santonio Holmes -#20

Braylon Edwards - #40

Deion Branch - #37

Wes Welker - #53

Tight Ends Dustin Keller - #26

Rob Gronkowski - #4

Aaron Hernandez - #11

Offensive Line

Run Blocking -#3

Pass Protection - #10

Run Blocking - #1

Pass Protection - #6

Defensive Line

Run Defense - #3

Pass Pressure - #17

Run Defense - #23

Pass Pressure - #20

Special Teams Overall - #6 Overall - #10
Team Offense

Overall - #19

Passing - #21

Rushing - #4

Overall - #1

Passing - #1

Rushing - #3

Team Defense

Overall - #10

Passing - #17

Rushing - #2

Overall - #26

Passing - #26

Rushing - #26

Team Efficiency Team Overall Rank - #10 Team Overall Rank - #3


What does the DVOA tell us? Nothing really new. The Patriots have a defense that can't be considered elite, but the offense is the class of the league. The Jets have a mediocre offense- bad passing, solid running- and a stop defense. Again- nothing new. This will be a battle between the Patriots offense and the Jets defense.

Should be a good one.