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New England Patriots Links 11/30/10 - Jets Week: Let The Hype Begin

Bill Belichick offers his thoughts about the upcoming Jets-Pats game to the media Monday.

We're back at it here. The Jets are really an impressive team to watch. It's easy to see why they have the best record in the league. They do a great job at everything. Their return game is good. Their kicking and coverage teams are good. Offensively, they can run it; they can throw it. They've got big-play receivers, production out of the tight ends, [LaDanian] Tomlinson is the leading receiver, a lot of production out of the backs. They're doing a good job with the offensive line, mixing some personnel groups in there.They give you a lot to get ready for, and of course defensively, they're a good coverage team, good pressure team, strong against the run, good situational team.

Rex [Ryan] has done a really good job of putting that team together. They're obviously well coached. They're solid in every phases of the game and in the games where they have had to make plays at the end of the game, whether it's to get the ball back or score or whatever they've had to do, they've done it. So they're really doing a good job in clutch situations playing good situational football. They have strengths in every area of the game. It's a very solid football team and a big challenge for us Monday night, so we've got a lot of work to do, but we're always looking forward to the matchup with the Jets.

Matt Patricia discusses Jerod Mayo's performance so far this season.

I think Jerod's production is a result of him just working really hard at doing what he's supposed to do on the football field for us. All of us don't really look at individual stats and are really more concerned with the team and how the team is doing. I know that's Jerod's focus every week. I don't think he really cares about who had what tackles, certainly on our team and definitely within the league. I think the only thing he wants to do is go out and win and I think that's the most important thing to the team and he'll do anything he can to help us.