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New England Patriots Links 11/04/10 - Belichick-Mangini History Resurfaces

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Bill Belichick addresses the trick plays Cleveland executed well against New Orleans and whether that makes it harder to prepare for them.

They do that every week. They have plays that you really can't work on, or you can work on some of them but whether you're actually going to get the one that they use or they're going to come up with a new one, probably not. So they have those kind of plays every week, on offense, on special teams, on defense with their different blitzes or punt-rushes, field-goal rushes, things like that. That's part of preparing for them. You know you're going to get something that you aren't going to be working on. They're going to try and spring something on you - you got to be alert for it - but really, they do it every week. I mean, those are great plays; they hit big: the couple of interceptions, they runback for touchdowns, the punt return, the fake punt. But you see those plays throughout the course of the game from them on a regular basis.

Tom Brady discusses what it means to have a guy like Logan Mankins back.

It's great. It's great. He's such a great guy. He's a great player. He's coming in with a great attitude. I've had a chance to talk to him over the last few months. He's been a great contributor to this team and to this organization. You can never have too many great football players or too many great teammates, so it's great to have him back. Everyone is excited to have him back. He's friends with all of us, so as I said, over the course of the last few months, there's been plenty of interaction with the players. Everyone kind of knew he was coming in today and was just excited to see him and greet him and welcome him back. He's excited to get out there on the field and start playing football, because that's really what he loves to do.

Tom Brady refreshingly proves why he's the anti-Favre, in his answer to 'what his thoughts are with everything that has gone on with Randy Moss since the game'.

I have thoughts; I just don't really care to share them.