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Captain of the Tailgate: The Best Traditions

As announced last week, we'll be running a series of posts here sponsored by Captain Morgan, called "Captain of the Tailgate." Each week, we'll bring up a different element of the tailgate experience, and ask you to share your best tailgating experience. At the end, we'll round up the best experiences from the Pats Pulpit community, and share them on one final post.

This week's topic: the best traditions.

For me, my favorite tailgating tradition (aside from whom I actually attend the game with) has to be the pick-up games I used to play with my brother when I was younger. When we went to the games, we used to show up early, when there was still a lot of space in the lots. We would always find a couple of kids around our age (and usually older than us), and challenge them to a game of two-on-two football. We kept stats and everything. The one stat I can actually remember: in all of our years going to Patriots games, we never lost. Undefeated. Not to brag... but yeah, we kicked ass. While we no longer take part in such games, there were a tradition for over a decade at any Knopping tailgate.

So what are your tailgating traditions?