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New England Patriots Links 11/09/10 - Monday's Horror Film Spurs Wake Up Call

Bill Belichick faces the media Monday morning.

Alright, well after looking at the film, I don't think things look a whole lot different today than it did yesterday. We just didn't really do anything well enough or consistently enough and that happens. The fact that we lost by 20 points - that's really not that surprising. We [have to] correct some mistakes. We [have to] certainly do better in all areas. Starting with me, working all the way down - everybody that's involved - we've just got to do a better job and get ready for Pittsburgh.

Deion Branch says the loss was even worse watching the film yesterday.

Yeah, it was bad. There was some stuff we can learn from, though. I think the most important thing we took from it was that it wasn't our best game. We knew that after the game ended. We just have to come out and prepare a whole lot better than we did last week.

Kyle Arrington offers his view of watching the film the day after.

It hurt a little bit. We definitely could have been more aware yesterday what was going on. Fortunately enough, everything happens for a reason. There's always a silver lining. Hopefully, we can learn from this type of game and move forward.

[We learned] a lot, unfortunately. We can't come out on the field just because we're the Patriots and expect everything to go our way. We [have] to get off to a better start defensively. Also on special teams, kicking game, some things I wish we could get back. Like I said, it happened. We're just going to have to learn from it and come out better next week.