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New England Patriots Links 12/01/10 - Belichick: Our Challenge... Play A Real Good 60-Minute Football Game Monday Night

Jackie MacMullen writes a terrific piece on Deion Branch.

Their most fruitful work was accomplished during the offseasons, on days no one was populating the stands at Gillette. The quarterback and the receiver would report to work early on those summer mornings. One week, they would perfect the slant, running it over and over, with Brady barking, "Let's run it against this coverage'' and the receiver instructing him, "Throw it a little sooner this time.'' The next week they'd fine tune the post route, imploring their defensive teammates to stick around for one more hour, so they could try it two or three or 20 more times, until it was second nature.

"That's where the trust comes in,'' Branch said. "Where Tom could say, 'I know this guy is going to be there on the curl route against man coverage' and throw the ball with confidence.

"I tell these young [Patriots] receivers all the time: All those summer days at Gillette, that's where we won games.''

Bill Belichick responds to Rex Ryan's comments that as much as he respects you, he "came to New York to kick your ass."

Sure, that's understandable. There's no love lost out there between those two teams. We both want to win. That's what we're here for, Jets and the Patriots. I mean, both teams are walking out onto the field to come out victorious. Is that a big news story? That's something we didn't know? [That] he Jets want to win the game? [That] the Patriots want to win?

I don't really worry about everybody else. I'm trying to get this team ready to play. I'm not surprised that they expect to win and that they're confident they're going to win. I mean, so are we. It might be a headline story for you guys, I don't know: both teams expect to win.