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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Inclement Weather in Windy City

So maybe the word inclement is a little bit harsh, but the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears will be playing in some pretty rough conditions when the game kicks off in a little over an hour.

Apparently, a low pressure system that is carry a lot of precipitation (snow and freezing rain) and high winds is moving through the Chicago area.  According to, the winds are 34 MPH with gusts up to 53 MPH.  Throw in some moderate snowfall, and you're looking at some not so pretty weather conditions.

There's a chance this game could be a lot like the Bills game from 2008, when there were wind gusts upwards of 70 MPH.  Matt Cassel's line that game: 6 for 8 for 78 yards.  I think the Patriots will throw more than that, but there's no question that the weather will have an impact on the game plan.

And for those saying the weather conditions will have more of an impact on the Patriots... are you kidding me?