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Patriots Inactives Against Bears

The Patriots inactives for today are as follows:

  • Taylor Price, WR
  • Rich Ohrnberger, OL
  • Thomas Clayton, RB
  • Jonathan Wilhite, CB
  • Myron Pryor, DL
  • Mike Wright, DL
  • Mark LeVoir, OL
  • Chevis Jackson, CB
Analysis of the inactives after the jump!
There's no real surprises here from a Patriots standpoint.  Jonathan Wilhite, Myron Pryor, and Mike Wright were all ruled out last night.  The Patriots' inactives may have been affected by the weather today, as the team buses arrived at Soldier Field just 20 minutes ago, meaning there wasn't time for injured players to try to warm up on the field.

Kick-off is still scheduled for 4:15, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was pushed back a few minutes due to the Patriots' late arrival.