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New England Patriots Links 12/14/10 - Wilfork A Believer In His Defense: 'They Work Their Tails Off'

<em>How many Bears does it take to bring down a Welker</em>?
How many Bears does it take to bring down a Welker?

Vince Wilfork believes in his defense and has kept a positive approach even when they struggled early on.

"It starts in practice," he said. "Just seeing guys attitudes and how they approached work made me a believer from Day 1, all the way back to OTA’s. These guys, as a team, we made a promise to each other: We’re going to give it our all. When we step on the field, we’re going to play as a team. We’re going to play through whatever it may be. There’s going to be some ups and downs. There’s going to be some positives and negatives. But you know what, we’re going to play through all that. Once we get to the end of the tunnel, we’ve got to be able to finish ballgames.

"So, I saw it early, and I was always a believer. A lot people thought I was crazy. A lot of people wrote us off. But it was just something I saw in these guys. They work their tails off, man."

Bill Belichick addresses the media yesterday, "Back in the warmth of Foxborough."

As I said after the game, I thought it was a real good job by our players of a short week, preparation, going out there and really being ready to go. [We] did some real good things early in the game and all the way through to the first half: defensive stops, plays in the kicking game [and] offensive production. [We] got some long-yardage plays which are tough to get. Overall, I thought it was definitely a good win for us.

Tough conditions and things we had talked about [and] worked on, we got to actually use in a game, game situations, game applications. So, that was good. I'm sure that will service well going forward here. We have three regular-season games left, and I wouldn't be surprised if some element of that game shows up in another one. On to Green Bay. On to Green Bay.