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New England Patriots Links 12/16/10 - No Comfort Zone For This Year's Patriots

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Patrick Hruby (ESPN) Tom Brady apparently wrote a letter to Santa Claus, and Page 2's dubious network of sources tracked down a copy.  Here is an excerpt:

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy all year. Great, even. I suppose you could say golden. Especially during the past month. Have you seen my passer rating? I'm killing Peyton Manning. ...

... I don't need football gifts. A year ago, I would have asked for a roster infusion of young playmakers. Thing is, we have that now. A month ago, I would have requested a deep-threat receiver. Turns out we don't need one. I've never needed a running back. I definitely don't want a new coach, and if I ask you to shut up Rex Ryan, it'll make pummeling his team only half as much fun.

Seriously, I'm stumped. My head is starting to hurt. Hey, here's an idea: give something to my offensive linemen. Something lucrative. Something that affords them a taste of the glory and attention that usually comes my way. How about a national television advertising campaign for a well-known credit card brand?

What's left? Good question. A Super Bowl ring? I have three. An MVP award? I have one of those, too. My presidential run is at least a decade away. I guess Gisele is right: I'm pretty difficult to shop for. As such, I think you should skip my chimney this year. Get some rest. Save your strength. You're going to need it - I'll bet Peyton's list is wicked long.

Thanks anyway,






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