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New England Patriots Links 12/17/10 - Patriots Preparing For Both Packers QBs

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<em>Eric "Who's the new guy?" Moore sacks quarterback Jay Cutler in his first game as a Patriot.</em>
Eric "Who's the new guy?" Moore sacks quarterback Jay Cutler in his first game as a Patriot.

Jim Lazar wonders who The New Guy will be this week.

Who’s The New Guy this week?  Dunno.

Patriots fans will find out Sunday when he’ll probably make one, two or three plays against the Packers.

The New Guy — another in the glorious storylines of the inexplicable, totally intoxicating 2010 Patriots.

The New Guy last week was Eric Moore, who after he strip-sacked Bears QB Jay Cutler, produced a collective cry in New England of "Who the heck is that?"

Earlier this season, there was linebacker Dane Fletcher pouncing on fumbles and knocking down passes; then came defensive back Sergio Brown doing much of the same.

Still not sure if these two are on the team, but that’s what happens when you become Just Another Guy.

There’s more coming, too, Sunday. Don’t be surprised if Louis Leonard, a defensive lineman that you have never heard of, or cornerback Chevis Jackson makes a play. They’re this week’s The New Guys.

It’s all worth it in Belichick World. Sometimes The New Guy, who becomes Just Another Guy, turns into Danny Woodhead.

Shalise Manza Young breaks down her three keys to a Patriots victory over the Green Bay Packers.

1. The Patriots need to keep playing well in cold and snowy weather

2. Capitalize on the defensive advantage if Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is out of the game

3. Continue to be efficient and win the turnover battle

Tim Graham offers this tasty nugget to chew on.

In their past three games when it snows, the Patriots have led at halftime by an aggregate score of 109-0. It's supposed to snow Sunday at Gillette Stadium.



  • Steve Buckley focuses on DL Eric Moore, and how he ended up strip sacking Jay Cutler in Chicago in his first game as a Patriot.
  • Ian Rapoport notes Jerod Mayo leads the league in tackles by a wide margin, but he's not keeping his own stats.
  • Shalise Manza Young details James Sanders' home-grown leadership that helps the safety keep the Pats' defensive backfield running smoothly.
  • Michael Vega reports the Patriots lead the NFL in turnover margin (+18), and how that's a point of pride for the New England defense.
  • Christopher Price sees Logan Mankins bring attitude back to Patriots' O-Line.
  • Greg A. Bedard tells us a bit about Packers back-up QB Matt Flynn.
  • Tedy Bruschi picks the top targets that the Patriots need to stop Sunday: LB Clay Matthews and CB Charles Woodson.
  • Gary Marbry offers his Nuggetpalooza's Patriots-Packers preview.
  • Ian Rapoport talks about WR Taylor Price who is the only completely inactive player on the active roster.
  • Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots injured reserve list this season, with 14 players on it.
  • Adam Schefter was a guest on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan show, and he cautioned not to get carried away about the Patriots dominance.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Vince Wilfork loves giving Tom Brady a short field to work with; Devin McCourty returned to practice after missing Wednesday's workout with a rib injury; Depth on the D-Line continues to be an issue; Patriots scrambling to find film of Packers backup QB Matt Flynn; Deion Branch talks about how the offense always focuses on starting fast.
  • Michael Vega Patriots Notebook: Vince Wilfork says they preach turnovers every day in practice; Patriots are preparing for two Packers QBs in case Aaron Rodgers can't play Sunday; Mike McCarthy was asked if Dom Capers provided them with any insight into New England's schemes; Injury update.
  • Chad Finn reports the Patriots have become quite a ratings draw, with viewers tuning in because they either love them or loathe them.
  • Jim Lazar makes his Week 15 picks: Patriots over Packers 30-13.
  • Kirk Minihane makes his Week 15 NFL picks. New England to win 38-14.
  • Eric Wilbur Week 15 prediction roundup. Looks like Patriots across the board, some analysts making it a much closer game than others.