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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Week 15 Early Games

With the Patriots once again playing primetime with a Sunday night match-up against the Green Bay Packers, I thought now would be a good time to take a quick look at some of day's intriguing games, and who Patriots fans should root for.

New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens

This is a game that should intrigue even the casual NFL fan, as it includes two of the NFL's better teams.  The Saints have been flying under the radar a bit, as they trail the Atlanta Falcons by one game in the standings, but have been on a tear as of late.  The Ravens, on the other hand, have been fledging as of late and could raise their confidence by stopping a high-flight passing attack.  This game could also have an impact for the Patriots.  Assuming the Patriots win the 1st seed, there's a good chance they could end up playing a wild card team if the Chiefs/Chargers and/or Jaguars/Colts lose in the first round to the Jets or Ravens.  The Patriots will play the lowest available seed... so if the Patriots had a choice to face the Ravens or the Jets, I think most Patriots fans would prefer to face the Jets. Greg's Pick: Saints | Root For: Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams

Team NE2 has a chance to move closer to a playoff berth if they can upset the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.  From a fan perspective, I think most would want to see the Chiefs hang on to the AFC West.  From an actual Patriots perspective, I think most fans would rather have the Patriots host the Chiefs rather than the Chargers, who can be really dangerous at times.  Greg's Pick: Chiefs | Root For: Chiefs

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

For me, this has got to be the most intriguing match-up of the day.  For the Jaguars, a win will clinch them the AFC South title, and potentially eliminate the Indianapolis Colts in one fellow swoop.  A very, very, very small part of me wants to see the Colts win so that they can eventually get crunched by the Patriots in the playoffs... but no, no, no, no, no, no.  We can see Peyton Manning get eliminated from the playoffs today... so bring it on.  This is a big game for the Jaguars that no one expects them to win.  Therefore, I expect them to win.  Greg's Pick: Jaguars | Root For: Jaguars

Two more games to watch after the jump!

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers

Will the Jets downfall continue?  I know most Patriots fans hope so.  With the Jets facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field, it looks like that may just happen.  A Jets loss and a Patriots win will clinch the AFC East for the Patriots.  And if the Steelers win, it likely won't affect the Patriots much, because the Patriots have a one game lead with the tiebreaker with just three games to go. Greg's Pick: Steelers | Root For: Steelers

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

This is simply 1st round pick watch.  The Raiders are sitting at 6-7, and I'm sure all Patriots fans want them to lose out.  Unfortunately, they're playing a Broncos team that is currently in shambles and has rookie quarterback Tim Tebow making his first career start.  Lets just hope that the Broncos can somehow pull one out against a Raiders team that has been rather inconsistent.

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