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New England Patriots Links 12/02/10 - This Isn't Your Week 2 Patriots Team

<em>Bill Belichick puts a block on Ndamukong Suh</em>.
Bill Belichick puts a block on Ndamukong Suh.

Tom Brady talks with NFL Network's Rich Eisen in a wide-ranging interview.  Eisen suggests the Patriots are a different team than the last time they played the Jets.

"We are, but they are, too. We both like to think we’ve improved. And really, the identity of your team starts to take shape around now. All the guys you’ve brought in over the course of the offseason, they’ve had a chance to be coached and a lot of the depth of each team is showing through. You see the teams that are mentally tough and work hard and are committed to doing what their coaches ask. That shows up this time of year. We’ve always played better in the second half of the season, and I think both us and the Jets are very confident this week."

Deion Branch responds to the NY media about a question on Tom Brady.

Tom, he's a nerd (joking). This guy studies so much. The thing is, we're in the room studying with him, going over a lot of things: positions, where he wants us to be when he's getting ready to throw the ball. I think guys are, obviously, making sure they're doing what he's asking of them to do and the outcome will be pretty good. I think the front line has been doing a great job for him back there, giving him time to throw the ball. I think guys are going out and making plays for him. This guy, he's a perfectionist. We all enjoy going to work for him.