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New England Patriots Links 12/23/10 - Wilfork, Warren Anchor Patriots Defense

Bill Belichick responds to a reporter's comment, "Chan Gailey said that he hopes their kicker kicks away from Dan Connolly. Has he become a new weapon for you guys?"

Yeah, I bet Chan's really worried about that.

Vince Wilfork answers a question about how the Patriots have been able to finish six in a row.

I'll tell you what: Cleveland was a wakeup call for us. They put it to us. We had a gut check. I don't think there is one guy who left that game happy with anything he did that day. And I think we came together as a team and started putting more emphasis on little things. It's not the big things; it's all about the little things because the little things take care of the big things in the end. Ever since then I think we've just been focused in and one of our goals has been finishing, watching more film, watching to see what our opponents do in certain situations. And I think everyone is doing it, not just certain guys, everyone.

It helps us as a team when we are able to do that and go out on the field and have the confidence - if we're behind, if we're ahead, the tendencies that these teams [have]. It gives us an edge as a team and we've been winning like that, so we have to do more of it. It gets tougher and tougher. Late in the season - December - you have to be able to win ballgames, whatever it takes to win.

People are banged up all around the league. It's not just here; it's everywhere. It's the nature of the game, so you can't feel sorry for yourself right now. You have to do what's best for the team and for yourself, and that's you're health. With the sickness and everything going around, you have to be a professional right now, so take care of your bodies and find a way to win on Sundays. That's always been a goal of ours and more importantly, it's definitely a goal of ours this week. I think this game is probably a big game for us. Every game is a big one. Especially being a division game, it's a very big game for us.