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New England Patriots Links 12/28/10 - Belichick Back From Buffalo: "Mission Accomplished"

<em>Danny Woodhead, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Fred Taylor celebrate how well Alge Crumpler blocks for them</em>.
Danny Woodhead, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Fred Taylor celebrate how well Alge Crumpler blocks for them.

Bill Belichick addressed the media Monday.

Sorry to keep you waiting here this afternoon. We just got back from Rochester. We spent the night there after the game. [We're] just rolling back into town but, mission accomplished. We feel good about the game yesterday. [It was] definitely not perfect but we did enough things to come out on top and that's what our goal was. A lot of guys played through some flu symptoms and bumps and bruises and stuff like that, which we know everybody has at this time of year but I thought the players did a real good job of pushing through it and keeping our eye on the target. We went out there and took advantage of our opportunities yesterday. We will have to turn around here and come back on Wednesday and get ready for Miami. We will deal with whatever comes after that as it comes. For right now, we are happy to win in Buffalo and we're ready to turn the page and get on to this week's preparations.

Bill Belichick is asked to comment on Alge Crumpler's TD pass and getting rewarded for the work he does.

Like I've said many times, Alge has made a great contribution to this team all year. I think the fact that he is one of our captains with this being his first year on the team really is a testament to the amount of respect that he has from his peers, from his teammates. He is a hard working guy. He is really smart. He understands the game. He knows what's important and he is very team-oriented. [He's] totally focused on winning. It's not about his personal statistics or achievements but just whatever he can do and whatever we can do as a team to win. He is right at the front of the line of doing those things. I think his personal rewards come in the final score and team record. He contributes in a lot of ways from Monday to Saturday and on game days no matter what his role is whether it's blocking, pass protection or an opportunity to handle the ball, or formations. He does a lot of things for us. He is a very important part of this team and the offense.