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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Sunday Games

Another Sunday, another Sunday without the Patriots.  While it's tough to not have the Patriots play on everybody's favorite day of the week, there are some games to keep your eye on today.  Lets do the run down:

Cleveland at Miami

This is certainly a game to watch.  With the Dolphins at 6-5, they are hanging on to their playoff hopes by a thread.  They're still a solid team, and with Chad Henne back, they could be dangerous down the stretch, especially with a week 17 game against the Patriots.  The Browns have the ability to do the Patriots a big favor and essentially knock the Dolphins out of playoff contention today.  Root For: Browns  |  Greg's Pick: Dolphins

Oakland at San Diego

The San Diego Chargers are on a four game winning streak, and once again, have overcome a slow start.  A win will add to the Chargers' momentum, which could be a dangerous thing.  However, deep down, I think every Patriots fan wants a top ten pick next year.  Root For: Chargers  |  Greg's Pick: Chargers

Two more games to watch after the jump!

Carolina at Seattle

The Patriots own the Panthers' second round draft pick, so this is certainly a game to watch.  The Panthers haven't shown much of anything in recent weeks, although Seattle has struggled as of late and is looking to get back to the top of the NFC West.  Right now, the Patriots' will have the 33rd draft pick, and I think they want things to stay that way.  Root For: Seahawks  |  Greg's Pick: Seahawks

Pittsburgh at Baltimore

While everyone has made a big deal about the Patriots/Jets game Monday night, there's a game nearly as big this Sunday night.  The Steelers and Ravens are both tied for 1st in the NFC North at 8-3.  While the Patriots own the head-to-head on both of these teams and likely won't be affected by the outcome of the game, this game will surely cause a shakeup in the playoff pecking order in the AFC.  The winner will be on the fast track to the 2nd seed and a first round bye in the playoffs, while the loser be sitting at a likely wild card birth.  Root For: Pick Your Poison  |  Greg's Pick: Steelers