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New England Patriots Links 12/08/10 - Forget The Jets, Bring On The Bears

<em>Deion Branch.  Just a guy.  A guy who moves the chains and scores touchdowns</em>.
Deion Branch. Just a guy. A guy who moves the chains and scores touchdowns.

Bill Belichick addresses the media Tuesday morning, following the Patriots' epic win over the Jets Monday night.

Well, after last night, it was certainly good for the final result to be what it was. I think we can all see from the film that there are still a lot of things that we can work on and do better. Some things turned out well that maybe weren't as great as they looked. We'll try to take care of that and then move onto Chicago.

Chicago's been really impressive. They really do everything pretty well: offensively, defensively, special teams. They have a great returner, [Devin Hester]; Robbie Gould, a great kicker. Defensively, they really do well on third down. They haven't allowed many points, have a lot of negative plays in the running game [and] cause a lot of fumbles. They definitely thrive on turnovers. I think, offensively, [Jay] Cutler is playing as well as I've seen him play. He's done a great job with Coach [Mike] Martz's offense. He's really carrying a lot of the offense on his shoulders, along with their receivers. Certainly [Matt] Forte and [Chester] Taylor do a good job in the back field. [Greg] Olsen and all the receivers - [Earl] Bennett, [Johnny] Knox, Hester - are a good group with a really good quarterback. Cutler's made a lot of plays running as well as throwing, so he's very dangerous in and out of the pocket, throwing or running. So, I think the Bears' record really speaks for itself: 9-3.

Vince Wilfork reveals what Bill Belichick told the team when they huddled up late in the game.

"He basically told us we’re going to finish this game, and we’re going to play for 60 minutes, so don’t let up. And you know what, he took the words out of my mouth, because I was getting ready to tell the defense the same exact thing. That’s why I kind of smiled and chuckled about it, because sometimes we think alike and it comes out.

"And you know what? Everybody felt it. Everybody felt it. We wanted to win. We did everything in our willpower to go out and play a good football game against a good football team. And I think it started in practice. But Bill said it best: 60 minutes of football. And we’ve been saying it all year: Let’s see how 60 minutes of good football looks. Because we didn’t do it all year. We never played 60 total minutes of good football. And I think last night was the first time that we did that, and you saw the results."