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Patriots' Randy Moss a slouch? Not so much

It's easy to be negative, to be full of bravado in a sport like Football.  About the only thing you have to watch out for is saying something asinine, vapid, and stupid.  It will come back to haunt you.  Forever.  It takes about a nanosecond to find as much garbage on a person as you'd ever want.

Take one Darrelle Revis.  He may be one of the best corners playing the game today, but he's a punk, plain and simple:

Jets CB Darrelle Revis declined to back off his assertion that Patriots WR Randy Moss is a "slouch" on Wednesday.

In an interview with the NFLN last week, Revis said that Moss and Bills WR Terrell Owens were slouches.

The Boston Herald asked Revis on Wednesday to clarify what "slouch" means.

"You know what a slouch means," Revis told the paper.

Revis' statements would be punk'ish even if it was situation normal.  Maybe I should just adopt a liberal attitude and assume he's being an ass because he was "raised" that way, because his head coach is just as much of a punk and therefore, it's ok.  Yes, it would be punk'ish if things were normal, but it's even MORE punk'ish in light of recent revelations about Moss' shoulder:

Wide receiver Randy Moss was diagnosed with a separated shoulder following the Patriots' season and that was the reason he did not play in the Pro Bowl, a league source said on Monday.

Moss had surfaced on the injury report with a shoulder ailment three days after the Patriots' 20-17 overtime loss to the Broncos on Oct. 11. He remained on the injury report because of the shoulder through Nov. 6, although he played through the injury.

Darrelle?  Are you listening?  That would be the sound of stones hitting your glass house.  And that goes for every other miscreant who labeled Moss a malcontent and a slacker (Felger, that's you Michael).  I'll be awaiting everyone's apology post haste and if you don't decide to pony up, shame on you.

One last thing: while Moss was supposedly "slouching" with his separated shoulder, he managed some fairly impressive stats:

Moss started all 16 games this season and finished second on the team with 83 receptions for 1,264 yards and a team-high 13 touchdowns. He played in approximately 85 percent of the team's offensive snaps, easily a team-high among receivers.

Man up, Revis, and apologize.  Anything less is the ravings of a spoiled, little boy.