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Unlike some previous Patriots players (Richard Seymour, Deion Branch), Vince Wilfork chose to attend mandatory mini and training camps.  In fact, he went so far as to try to work an extension with his employer before the season started.  He's kept the behind-the-scenes stuff between the organization while honestly and truthfully answering the media's questions.  Vince doesn't want Albert money and he's said so himself.  About the only "shot across the bow" you could accuse him of was skipping OTA's before the season started.  Yawn...

Vince had, what some might call, a terrific year.  Switching from a 3-4 alignment to a 4-3 for a significant part of the season was no easy task, but Wilfork did it and proved his worth.  In fact, they moved him all around the defensive line at times, showing his worth to those who cared to look.

Why they haven't slapped the franchise tag on Vince yet is beyond me.  Do it and get it over with or negotiate in good faith.  Yeah, there's a lot of moving parts these days with the possibility of an uncapped year and a lockout in 2011, but pull on up to the table and act like you respect the guy, Kraft, Inc.  There's not many 3-4 nose tackles of Wilfork's caliber, especially ones that can swallow up 2 offensive linemen (don't let him fool you - he's pretty quick for a fat guy, too).

It's somewhat aggravating for this fan to see Wilfork treated this poorly.  Vince did everything right.  I guess the only way to get what you deserve in this organization is to be a jerk.  I'd hate to see that happen.