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New England Patriots Links 2/16/10 - LB Pierre Woods Expected To Return For Fifth Season

<em>LB Pierre Woods would like to remain a Patriot</em>.
LB Pierre Woods would like to remain a Patriot.

Ian Rapoport notes that LB Pierre Woods would like to return to the Patriots in '10.

Linebacker Pierre Woods would like to return to the Patriots for a fifth season, and the team has the same wish. According to a source close to Woods, the restricted free agent is expected to receive a second-round tender, just like last season. The deal would pay him $1.759 million in 2010, up from $1.545 million in 2009.

If a team matched the offer, it would hand the Pats a second-round draft pick, which is not likely.

The Michigan product had a career-high 36 tackles this past season, while leading the Pats in special teams tackles. . . .

Pat Kirwan ( In his live chat yesterday, Kirwan thinks the Patriots will push for Peppers.

I still think the Patriots are the team that had the most interest in him, and they struggled in the pass rush. Belichick has had great success with the hybrid players, like Willie McGinnest, who can play in both the three- and four-man fronts. The Redskins are notorius for spending money. But I think Peppers wants to play for a playoff contender, along with making a ton of money.

Christopher Price reports that according to the experts, this will be a good draft for the Patriots to get defensive.

"This is a very deep draft for defensive linemen, and Bill Belichick loves to invest high picks there. The Patriots desperately need depth and options on the line," said Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders.

"According to our stats, opponents finished third in the NFL in runs up the middle against the Pats and 28th in runs to the defensive right side. I think Vince Wilfork and Jarvis Green were asked to do too much, and they both had some injuries."

"I think adding to the defensive front seven makes a lot of sense for New England," said draft expert Wes Bunting of the National Football Post. "Defensive end and a pass-rushing outside linebacker are both needs for the Patriots."