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Was there any doubt? Patriots sweep USA Today's 'Decade' list

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I mean, seriously.  Was there really any doubt?

And when it came to the NFL, the 'Who' repeatedly involved the Patriots, who were most prominently named Franchise of the Decade.

Individual honors:

Coach: Bill Belichick

Quarterback: Tom Brady

Kicker/Punter: Adam Vinatieri

Yeah, they got that right, too.  And before we get into the "Tom Brady is a system QB and SB wins don't indicate greatness" argument, don't.  Anyone with a shred of a) credibility and b) football knowledge knows that a QB has a greater influence on the outcome of a game, by and large, than any other player.  So please, spare me.

More notable quotes:

Bill Cowher, who took the Pittsburgh Steelers to the first of its two Super Bowl titles during the period, viewed the matter as a no-brainer.

"You go back to body of work and consistency, and New England is clearly above everybody else," says Cowher, now a CBS analyst.

NFL Network commentator and former head coach Steve Mariucci saw it the same way. "You've got to give it to them," he says. "They were in the Super Bowl 40% of the time. It's amazing."

We're done, right?  Nothing left to argue about?  Great, thank you.