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Pats Pulpit hits the 1,000,000 visit mark!!

Somewhat of a milestone, Pats Pulpit hit the 1,000,000 visit mark last night.  We're not the first to make it in the SB Nation network of blogs and we don't have the traffic some of the other sites have, but I'm very happy with the fanbase we've attracted at this little corner of the blogosphere: smart, intelligent fans wanting to discuss football with some semblance of maturity.

This can't be done alone; heaven knows you'd be sick of me in short order!  I have had the pleasure of writing with a number of most excellent co-writers over the past few years.  Sometimes it was to add counterpoint, sometimes to relieve a burden during troubled moments.  All have contributed to the collective knowledgebase that is this site.  While I hesitate to call any one individual out, I would be remiss if I did not thank our links guru, Marima, for tirelessly trudging through the internet on a daily basis.  She has been with me since the very beginning and is one of the smartest Patriots fans I know as well as a valued colleague.  Thank you, Marima.

I also want to thank all of the folks who visit and comment on a regular basis.  My goal has always been to provide a place where we can learn from each other and the smart people that visit this site make that happen.  Hats off to you all.