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New England Patriots Links 2/02/10 - Six More Weeks of Winter But Only Four Weeks Until Free Agency

<em>Randy Moss and Ben Watson celebrate a TD against the Broncos in Week 5, before Moss' injury</em>.
Randy Moss and Ben Watson celebrate a TD against the Broncos in Week 5, before Moss' injury.

Mike Reiss reports DL Jarvis Green is looking forward to free agency and knows he will aggressively consider options other than the New England Patriots.

"Definitely this year, I'm going to experience the market," said Green, who set a career high with 12 starts in 2009. "I think for any player in their NFL career they need to experience that, and this will be my first time. I had the chance five years ago but I re-signed with the team, so this has been different for me, and it's been cool not being obligated to anyone but my family, my wife [Rakia] and kids [Terrence, Já Nya, and Toi]."

"Playing in a championship program, being with the Patriots, things I've learned here I could take with me -- the winning attitude, knowing how to win," he said. "That could go anywhere, and I think teams look for that in the quality of a player."

Christopher Price reports former Pats DB Otis "my man" Smith was named the defensive quality control coach in Kansas City on Monday.

It’s a safe bet that many folks in New England are happy to see Smith progress up the coaching ladder. Smith and Patriots coach Bill Belichick go back a long time — they first hooked up in 1996 when Belichick was an assistant in New England. Smith followed Belichick to the Jets the following season, and the veteran defensive back joined Belichick to New England when he became the head coach in 2000, where he spent three seasons with the Patriots.

In fact, his roots run so deep with Belichick that in May 2005 when he was ready to retire, he signed a one-day contract with New England before he decided to call it a career. "When I think about Otis Smith, a few things come to mind immediately: his incredible work ethic, the respect he earned as a result of the leadership he brought to the team and his production in some of our biggest games," Belichick said in a statement when Smith announced his retirement. "Otis helped the Patriots win a championship and he will always be respected and appreciated for that as well as for his professional approach to the job."

Bill Parcells participated in an on-line chat with this nugget near the end.

Q:  What is your biggest regret with regards to your coaching career?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins:  Hi Dan, probably having to leave the New England Patriots.