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New England Patriots Links 2/04/10 - Brandon Tate Appreciative of Patriots' Gamble

<em>WR Brandon Tate will be an asset to the team in 2010</em>.
WR Brandon Tate will be an asset to the team in 2010.

Mike Reiss analyzes which QB should be the highest paid, Brady or Manning.

Ron Jaworski says it should be Brady. “Me personally, I’m about the jewelry,” Jaworski said. “And the jewelry that Tom Brady has is three World Championship rings on his finger. Peyton Manning has one. He has a chance to get two. When all is said and done, maybe he’ll have more than that. But right now, I think the jewelry [says] Tom Brady should be the highest-paid guy in the National Football League.”

Albert Breer talks with Saints' defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

"I think the world of Bill Belichick," he responded. "I think he's one of the all-time best coaches. ... With he and I, there's a respect factor there."

"We’re talking about this: First guy blows ’em up, second guy cleans ’em up," Williams said, talking about his philosophy on takeaways. "And that’s what we’re looking to do. Again, they’ve played for a lot of coaches. When I walked in the first day in the first meeting in offseason conditioning, on April the 1st, there were a lot of things to be covered in that 30-minute meeting. One of the things I covered was: There will not be an excuse, by anybody in this room, about having a coach slow you down.

"There will not be an excuse about wishing you played for a coach that would let you play, that would encourage aggressiveness the way I’d encourage aggressiveness. All my life, I’ve been trying to speed players up, toughen players up, nasty players up, and I promise you if we live on the edge, and play on the edge, I’ll grab you before you fall off.