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New England Patriots Links 2/05/10 - Adalius Thomas Upset From Week 1, Didn't Like How He Was Used

<em>Here's the product Adalius Thomas was pitching at the Super Bowl media events</em>.
Here's the product Adalius Thomas was pitching at the Super Bowl media events.

Adalius Thomas complains to Felger and Massarotti on WEEI about how mean old Belichick didn't like his week 1 performance against Buffalo, even though he didn't understand how to play his new position.

"I really didn’t understand some of the stuff I was told,’’ Thomas told the radio station. "So I knew at that point it was bigger than what was on the surface. It was bigger than that.

"I definitely didn’t have fun,’’ he said. "It was definitely a frustrating year. Like I said, if I have a problem with someone, I’ll go to them and say whatever. I don’t understand it, bro. It’s mind-boggling.’’

"I was used totally different this year than I was last year before I broke my arm. And even last year, before I came back, I was told that I was going to be used differently. And so with that being the case, I don’t know if that’s really how you do it.

"It was the play of the Buffalo game, whether or not it was sufficient. I really didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand, it was the first game back, the way some stuff went down.’’

Michael Lombardi talks to Dale & Holley on WEEI about the difficulty of putting deals together until the rules are clear, and says he expects the Patriots to build up their line in the draft.

Lombardi said he respects Bill Belichick's team-building ability, which may be delayed this year as teams wait to see what will happen regarding a new collective bargaining agreement. "I think the problem everybody's having right now, and why you're not seeing very many deals done, is nobody knows what the rules of engagement are," Lombardi said. "And in the NFL, before you can make any decisions, you'd better know what the rules are. And then you figure out how to play the game. And that's Belichick's ultimate strength: Show him what the rules are, and he'll figure a way to win the game within the rules. And I think that's what he's waiting for. And I think that's what everybody is waiting for."

Lombardi expects the Patriots to focus on building up their line in the draft. Said Lombardi: "You've got to get faster on defense, which they continue to do, you've got to find ways to rush the passer with more effectiveness, get off the field and help your team."

Albert Breer reports ex-Patriot Randal Gay wants his Saints' teammates to know just how special getting that Super Bowl ring is, and how sickening it feels to lose.

"You get there you’re rookie year and you win a Super Bowl, the year after you won a national championship, you’re like, ‘Man, this football thing is easy. I’m gonna win all the time,’" Gay said. "Then we hit a little drought, then we make it there and lose, so it’s like, ‘Man, I don’t ever want this feeling again.’ "That losing feeling was terrible, makes you sick to your stomach.

That’s what I’m trying to preach to these guys, you don’t want to lose this game, because that felt like it was a wasted season. 18-0 meant nothing. What did I get for going 18-0? A t-shirt? That doesn’t mean anything. But that ring? That’s something special."