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Bill Belichick to expand role on defense

Admittedly, I did not see this coming.  I figured if either linebackers coach Matt Patricia or defensive line coach Pepper Johnson were not anointed as the chosen one, Hoodie would go outside to find a candidate.  That teaches me to forget he's a defensive genius.  From his bio on

During his time as the Giants' defensive signal caller, his units were never ranked lower than 11th in the NFL and finished as high as second in the league three times, including the Super Bowl seasons of 1986 and 1990. His contributions with the Giants throughout the 1980s brought him national recognition as one of the best young assistant coaches in the NFL.


I never saw it coming, but it makes perfect sense.  Why not give Belichick the reins, put him in charge of calling the defense?  After hiring Corwin Brown as a defensive coach concentrating on defensive backs, he'll have more than enough help and can concentrate on the bigger picture, getting this defense back to its former glory.

This may also indicate a confidence in Bill O'Brien on the offensive side.  Or, could Tom Brady be taking on a more active role in play calling?  The plot thickens as it always does with Hoodie.  At any rate, I think this is a stellar move and I can't wait to see what Bill will do with our defensive guys.  Let's lay the hammer down, Bill, let's lay the hammer down.

Props to bbismyhero for this fanpost.