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New England Patriots Links 2/08/10 - Saints' Super Bowl Win Proves 18-1 > 16-3

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<em>Tracy Porter's pick-six of Manning was the play of the game</em>.
Tracy Porter's pick-six of Manning was the play of the game.

Mike Reiss offers this Super Bowl thought:  Peyton is no Brady.

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but what we learned tonight in Super Bowl XLIV is this: He’s no Tom Brady in the pressure moment on the game’s biggest stage.

Looking to lead the Colts back from a 24-17 fourth-quarter deficit against the Saints, Manning threw an interception that cornerback Tracy Porter returned 74 yards for a touchdown, a key play in New Orleans' 31-17 upset victory.

It was a costly mistake, the kind of miscue that Brady, in his four Super Bowl appearances, never made in the critical fourth-quarter situation.

Even in the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to the Giants, Brady had led a fourth-quarter drive for a touchdown before the defense couldn’t hold.

For all the stories that were written over the last week about which quarterback was the best of the decade – Brady or Manning – one aspect was overlooked: How Manning would lead the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

If you measure a quarterback by how he responds in the pressure moments on the game’s biggest stage, the debate ended with authority tonight.

Dan Shaughnessy jumps back on the Brady bandwagon.  Don't hurt yourself Dan.

This game was supposed to be the coronation of Peyton Manning (hard to believe some nitwits were actually saying he’s better than Tom Brady) and the justification for Bill Polian’s decision to tank the final two games of the Colts’ regular season. We were going to tell you that the Colts won every game they tried to win and could have surpassed the 1972 Miami Dolphins.